Boat 1, Ahoy Matey!
Boat 2, Puff
Boat 3, Pink Sky at Night
Boat 4, Sailor's Delight
Boat 5, Off to Work I Go
West End Rooftops 4 , Moors
Boat 6, Styling
Boat 7, Heading Out
Boat 8, Zoom Zoom
Boat 9. Mail Boat
West End View # 5, Red Sky
West End View # 6, Dune's Edge
West End Rooftops 7, Long Point View
Moors View
West End Rooftops, Higher Tide
Dune Steps
'64 Dodge
Power Sky
Skating Horse
Rooster and the Hare
Truro Ocean Beach 1
Truro Ocean Beach 2
The Beak
Abstract 22
Wave Abstract
Coast Guard Pier
The Wizard Escapes
Face of the Dunes
The Seas are Rising; New Reality
Horace the Steer
Lucky thr Pony
Oscar the Owl
Western Scene I
Western Scene XIV
Ever Vigilant
Penasco Mountain Farm
The First 100 Days- The Gates Open
West of Bakersfield, CA
South of Santa Fe II
High Road to Taos
Grand Canyon, I
Grand Canyon II
Cubist Terrain
The Reservoir, northward
The Padre and his Burro
Marsh View
Towards Diablo Canyon
Herring Cove Beach Sweep
West End Rooftops 2
self portrait
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